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Accidental spill from "Eirik Raude"

February 17, 2005, 10:00 CET

An accidental emission from the drilling rig "Eirik Raude" on Wednesday, 16 February, has resulted in four cubic meters of drilling fluid being spilled into the sea. The drilling fluid contains mostly clay and brine. Hydro has informed the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority about the incident, despite the fact the emission is not harmful to the environment.

Hydro and the company Ocean Rig, Eirik Raude's owner, have done substantial work to avoid spills that can be harmful to the natural environment during current exploration drilling in the Barents Sea.

During exploration drilling, a drilling fluid is used consisting mainly of water, clay, salt and other biodegradable components.

This emission of four cubic meters of drilling fluid also included approximately 160 kilos of glycol, which is classified as a "yellow" chemical.

The company regrets the incident and will work to avoid new episodes. The incident occurred when a large wave disconnected a rubber hose from a riser under the rig.

Hydro is now investigating the accident and, together with Ocean Rig, will implement necessary measures to avoid any new spills into the sea.