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Barents Sea drilling concluded

March 23, 2005, 09:30 CET

Hydro has concluded its drilling operation of exploration well 7220/6-1 at the Obelix prospect in the Barents Sea.

The well was drilled with the exploration rig 'Eirik Raude' to evaluate a limestone prospect of Carbon and Permian age. Drilling was concluded 1,515 metres below the sea bed.

Traces of hydrocarbons were found at the expected reservoir level. Attempts to test the samples showed that the hydrocarbons were not producible, and the well will not be tested. 'Eirik Raude' will now move on to drill a further two exploration wells further east in the Barents Sea.

The drilling operations in the Barents Sea are being carried out in accordance with stringent environmental requirements imposed by the authorities for oil activities in the area. In spite of two accidental emissions during drilling, the operations at Obelix have not had any damaging effect on the environment.