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Dialogue on the Barents Sea

June 8, 2005, 09:50 CEST

Norwegian and Russian experts on the far north are assembled this week for an environmental conference organised by Statoil at Longyearbyen in Svalbard.

“The Barents Sea is a single region, and we must draw on knowledge in both nations from scientific studies and ecological understanding,” says conference manager Bjørn Kristoffersen.

“Pursuing a dialogue between Norway and Russia on the environmental challenges posed by petroleum operations in the Barents area is important.”

Running from 6-9 June, this Statoil Arctic Environment Conference brings together Norwegian and Russian government officials, oil companies, scientists and other experts.

It aims to contribute to a shared understanding of the ecosystem in the Barents region, and of the way challenges relating to oil and gas production can be solved.

The goal is to establish a common platform for knowledge, technology and development in Norway and Russia with regard to these waters.

“We’ll be getting to grips with the conclusions from the conference and incorporating them in our environmental strategy for the Barents region,” says Mr Kristoffersen.

Statoil plans to make the environmental conference in Svalbard an annual event.