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Raising bonus for women's soccer team

June 17, 2005, 17:00 CEST

Ahead of the UEFA European Women’s Championship final on Sunday 19 June, Statoil has decided to increase the bonus it will pay to the Norwegian national women’s soccer team.

Statoil is the team’s principal sponsor, and following Thursday’s semi-final victory against Sweden in the UK, the group has decided to double the championship bonus relating to this agreement.

”We want to congratulate the players on the excellent results they’ve achieved so far in the championship,” says Oddvar Høye, marketing manager for Statoil’s promotion and media unit. “By raising the bonus, we want to show that we are pleased to be associated with the joy of winning, the teamwork and professionalism the players represent. Statoil has been their principal sponsor for a while now and it’s exciting for us to see the team achieve such excellent results.”

He stresses that the bonus will be paid irrespective of whether the team wins or loses in Sunday’s final.

“The championship bonus is not just a victory bonus,” he says. “We want to demonstrate that we are a proud sponsor of soccer in general. It is Norway’s biggest sport, and women's soccer is the fastest-growing women’s sport with over 100,000 players.”

Statoil has been the main sponsor of the Norwegian national women’s soccer team since 2001. This agreement is part of the group’s collaboration with the Norwegian Football Federation.