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New Åsgard template on stream

August 26, 2005, 12:30 CEST

Recovery from the Smørbukk South part of Statoil’s Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea will be boosted by about 18 million barrels with the start-up today, 26 August, of the new Q template.

This subsea installation is the third unit of its kind on Smørbukk South, and will increase recovery from the Garn reservoir in the first phase. One production well has so far been completed through the template. A second is also scheduled to be drilled, again to tap the Garn formation.

The wellstream from the Q facility will be transported to the Åsgard A oil production ship through two parallel pipelines running for about 13 kilometres.

Investment in the first phase of the project is NOK 1.8 billion.

Statoil is also planning to utilise the Q template for a second development stage, which could include three production wells and a gas injector. This phase would aim to drain reserves from Smørbukk South’s Ile and Tilje formations.

“These parts of the reservoir have not been produced so far,” explains Olav Skotheim, operations vice president for Åsgard. “Bringing them into production would improve recovery by 40-50 million barrels of oil and roughly seven billion cubic metres of gas.”