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Centennial support for science subjects in Norway

September 3, 2005, 09:00 CEST

Hydro will stimulate the interest of Norwegian youth in math and science, as part of its Centennial celebration. The company is contributing NOK 100 million over the next 10 years toward developing a national knowledge center in Bergen, the hub of Hydro's oil and gas operations.

"Hydro is a Norwegian knowledge-based industrial company with long traditions. Outstanding Norwegian expertise and research efforts have formed the basis of Hydro's activities for 100 years. Young people with good insights into science and technology subjects will also be essential to Hydro's future development and other Norwegian knowledge-based enterprises. Our intention is that Bergen Knowledge Centre will become a centre of international excellence and a driving force in the work to strengthen science subjects in Norway," says Hydro President and CEO Eivind Reiten.

Hydro will contribute NOK 100 million over a 10-year period toward developing the Bergen Knowledge Centre. Hydro’s contribution will be geared toward developing exhibitions, creating opportunities for youth to explore technological solutions, and profiling the importance of math and science.

"We have chosen to make our contribution to the development of a leading national knowledge centre in Bergen because the city is an important academic centre in Norway, and because it has a unique position in Hydro's knowledge-based activities. Bergen is host to research communities of international standing in the fields of petroleum, climate and oceanography," says Reiten.

During the past 25 years, Hydro has developed a base of significant activity at Sandsli outside Bergen. The Bergen facility includes an operations organization for the oil and gas fields that Hydro operates in the Norwegian offshore sector, drilling both in Norway and abroad. Also, the company’s technology and research centre for oil and gas activities is located in Bergen.

Hydro’s operations organization in Bergen is responsible for producing a combined total of about 900,000 barrels of oil equivalents per day.

Bergen Knowledge Centre was established in 2001. The centre will move to new premises at Marineholmen in Bergen in 2006/2007 and will be a public tourist attraction in the new district currently under planning, as well as playing an important role in the tuition of young people. A number of the key knowledge-based institutions in Bergen are located at Marineholmen.

Hydro's contribution to Bergen Knowledge Centre will be presented to the Mayor of Bergen, Herman Friele, during Hydro's major centennial celebration concert at Festplassen in Bergen on Saturday, 3 September.