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100 years, 100 runners

September 8, 2005, 14:00 CEST

If you plan on visiting the Cologne Marathon 2005 in Germany or if you're running yourself, you'll meet Hydro. "100 for Hydro and more" is the name of one of the largest groups of runners taking part in the Cologne Marathon 2005.

As part of Hydro's Centennial celebrations, some 120 employees and friends will run for Hydro in the Cologne Marathon on Sunday, 11 September.

Most of the 90 runners and 30 in-line skaters taking part come from Hydro's aluminium sites along the Rhine, including Grevenbroich, Neuss, Bonn and Cologne, as well as from other Hydro plants in Dillingen/Saar, Stade and Hamburg. But some Hydro employees from Arizona, Spain, France, Luxembourg, England, Denmark and Norway will travel to Cologne to run in the event.

“We are fascinated by how many of our amateur athletes have trained hard for the event and will travel to Cologne”, says Dieter J. Braun, head of Hydro in Germany.

“With so many people participating, we might even have one Hydro runner reach the finish line for every year of our century.”

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