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Huge pipelines put their mark on Nyhamna

January 19, 2006, 15:30 CET

On Thursday afternoon the first ship set sail from the factory Fabricom GTI in Antwerp, bound for Nyhamna. On board was a load of over 1000 tons of steel, in the shape of pipelines for the onshore facility for the Ormen Lange gas field.

Huge pipelines will put their mark on Nyhamna in the time to come. The transition to mechanical installation is in full swing at the onshore facility which will process the gas from the Ormen Lange field, and soon the plant will begin to resemble the illustrations.

The dimensions of Nyhamna’s pipes are huge. The total weight of the order from the factory in Belgium is 7500 tons, equivalent to the weight of well over 88 000 grown men.

The ship “Annette” is expected to arrive at Nyhamna on Saturday, and it will make a total of seven crossings between Hoboken in Belgium and Nyhamna in northwest Norway. By the end of March, all the 30 enormous units will have been freighted out.

“This delivery is extremely important for the work ahead. The 30 pipelines from Fabricom will create around half a million additional working hours for us at Nyhamna,” Terje Uthus, Head of Ormen Lange’s onshore facility, informs us.

Huge quantities of steel

Altogether, around 30 000 tons of steel will be delivered to Nyhamna in a short space of time.

Of this, 10 000 tons comes from Verdal, and will be headed for the slug catcher; around 80 per cent of this delivery is already in place.

The rest comes from Stord, Haugesund and Poland. So far, nine pipelines have arrived at Nyhamna, two of these from Aker Stord and seven from Vetco Haugesund.