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Full export capacity on Oseberg and Troll C

March 20, 2006, 00:30 CET

The gas export capacity from the Oseberg Field Centre in the North Sea has now returned to a rate of 30 million cubic metres, following successful cleaning of its gas dehydration facilities. Oil and gas production was also re-started on Troll C, following the removal of a deflector plate from the flare system.

Oseberg Field Centre is again able to return to full export capacity, after cleaning of both the two gas dehydration units was completed last Monday. In addition to this, repairs were made to a gas compressor last week, and were completed on Saturday.

This means that Oseberg Field Centre’s gas export capacity has been somewhat reduced for the last two weeks.

Oil and gas production on Troll C was resumed on Saturday after a deflector plate was removed from the flare system. The flare system was altered in the light of assessments made following the incident on Statoil’s Visund platform in January.

Inspection of the plant on Troll C confirmed Hydro’s assessment prior to the inspection. There was no sign that the plate on Troll C had been deformed.

Troll C produces around 130,000 barrels of oil per 24-hour period.