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Wholesaler agreement with NorgesGruppen / ASKO

April 3, 2008, 13:29 CEST

Dag Roger Rinde (left), managing director of Statoil Norge AS, yesterday signed a wholesaler agreement with NorgesGruppen / ASKO's chief executive officer Sverre Leiro. (Photo: Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen)

This is the largest individual purchase contract signed by Statoil Norge.

”The Statoil chain’s selection of NorgesGruppen / ASKO as a wholesale supplier is based on an overall evaluation of commercial and technical criteria,” says Dag Roger Rinde, managing director of Statoil Norge AS

Almost one year of preparations forms the basis of the framework agreement now signed by Statoil Norge with NorgesGruppen / ASKO.

The agreement covers wholesale services for food and newsstand merchandise distribution, in addition to purchase assistance in Norway for the Statoil chain’s 430 mini markets in Norway. The agreement has a total value in the first year of some NOK 940 million.

”We are very pleased with our selection of a professional cooperation partner. ASKO, owned by NorgesGruppen, is the country’s largest wholesaler. We look forward to an exciting collaboration in the times ahead. Our substantial purchase volume makes Statoil Norge a big and attractive market player,” says Dag Roger Rinde.

He adds that this is the largest purchase contract that Statoil Norge is responsible for. It is important both to the company and our many competent franchisees.

”We have conducted a thorough and tidy evaluation process which has involved conversations with several bidders. Equal treatment was ensured. We have complied with the StatoilHydro group’s guidelines for procurements and non-discriminating treatment of the bidders. This is an important principle, and the guidelines were fully complied with,” Rinde says.

”Being selected as a cooperation partner for the distribution of food and newsstand merchandise, as well as purchase assistance for the Statoil chain is a vote of confidence for us. We look forward to a long-term collaboration which will improve the competitiveness of both parties. We regard the Statoil chain as a professional market player which expects to see effective distribution solutions and a high service level. We are prepared to meet the demands made on us, and look forward to embarking on this job,” says Sverre Leiro, chief executive officer of NorgesGruppen ASA.

Facts about Statoil Norge AS:
  • The Statoil chain has some 200,000 customers daily.
  • The non-fuel sales in Statoil Norge total about 25 % of the company’s annual turnover.
  • Statoil Norge is a market leader within fuels with a market share of 29.9 % for petrol and 35 % for diesel in 2007.
  • Statoil Norge As is a wholly owned company in the StatoilHydro group
Facts about NorgesGruppen / ASKO:
  • ASKO is Norway’s largest wholesale business, with almost 2,200 employees and sales in 2007 of NOK 31 billion.
  • Its assortment consists of 22,000 product lines and the company has some 13,000 customers.
  • ASKO is also one of the country’s largest transport enterprises.
  • The wholesale business in NorgesGruppen, ASKO, is responsible for the total flow of goods from the producer to the last link within grocery retail, institutional household, newsstand merchandise and service business market segments.