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Oil leak on Statfjord A

May 24, 2008, 10:20 CEST

The Statfjord A field in the North Sea.

Oil is leaking from one of the shafts of the Statfjord A platform in the North Sea. The situation is serious and confused.

StatoilHydro has mobilised its emergency response team and is working on ensuring safety for all personnel on board and on stopping the oil leak.

There were 217 people on board when the leak occurred. All personnel, apart from the emergency response team, have been evacuated.

No personnel are missing or have been seriously injured. Two people have been slightly exposed to gas, but they are both feeling fine and have been given medical attention. They have been evacuated to the Statfjord B platform.

During work on a pipe on the platform an oil leak occurred in one of the three shafts. Oil is leaking from one or several storage cells. For safety reasons the oil is now being discharged to sea. An oil spill preparedness team from the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies has been mobilised to handle the oil spill.

StatoilHydro will give further information during the day.

Contact telephone for next of kin: +47 800 500 20

All press inquiries:

Tel: +47 51 99 19 83