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Photo exhibition in Mexico

March 17, 2009, 12:12 CET

Hammerfest is situated at 70 degrees north. Outside the city we find the world’s northernmost and Europe’s first export facility for liquefied natural gas. This is one of the 120 photos exhibited. (Photo: StatoilHydro).


StatoilHydro has activities in Mexico and is seeking new business opportunities in the country.

The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess opened the photo exhibition "Norway Powered by Nature" in Mexico City on 16 March. (Photo: Dag Myrestrand)

The exhibition, which lines the outside of Chapultepec Park and the Reform Avenue in Mexico City, shows Norway through the four seasonal changes with a special emphasis on the oil and gas industry.

The photo exhibition will be open to the public for one month, and all photo text is presented in both English and Spanish.

“The oil and gas industry is universal and we hope the photos will illustrate how we have operated in rough conditions and that the knowledge we gained from this can be transferred to the deep waters of the gulf,” Ole Petterson, Mexico country manager, explains.“

In the past a cooperation agreement was established between StatoilHydro and Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), and this has helped progress the relationship between the two companies.

With the recent approval of the Energy Reform in Mexico, StatoilHydro remains in a cooperation with Pemex and continues to seek opportunities in Mexico.“Mexico has huge upside potential for the future, and we are eager to find out what the recent changes in the energy law can bring to move our cooperation to a new level,” Mr Petterson states.

Executive vice president for International Exploration & Production Peter Mellbye was present at the opening ceremony, along with the Norway's petroleum and energy minister, Terje Riis-Johansen.

Later this week Mr Mellbye will be presenting to Pemex executives, Norway's Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and other Norwegian companies about the future of the oil and gas sector in Mexico.