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More for less – well delivery industrialisation

March 17, 2010, 10:42 CET

On the Norwegian continental shelf new wells and drilling activities are key to our efforts to find new exploration acreage, develop new fields, increase recovery and overhaul wells.


Geir Slora, senior vice president for drilling and wells. (Photo: Helge Hansen)

“Our goal is to speed up the tempo in establishing new production wells on the Norwegian continental shelf. Statoil has made systematic efforts to increase the efficiency of its drilling and well operations over the past two years,” says Slora.

“One of the tangible results of our efforts here is improved drilling progress and increased uptime. This has given us more than 30 extra wells in recent years. Drill progress has increased from 60 to 85 metres per day since 2007, while rig utilisation time has climbed from 80 to 85%, which is equivalent to 2-3 rig-years. And yet there is even greater potential for our improvement work,” says Slora.

The most important measures are improving operational efficiency, the quality of drilling and well operations – in other words getting more for less – and making our operations more robust and standardised. 

Consistent deliveries

”Achieving A standards, ensuring consistent deliveries and making systematic improvements form the basis for all the work we do,” adds Slora.

”But several factors influence increased efficiency. These concern modifications, upgrades and the limitations at our facilities. Greater rig and drill installation availability, as well as greater well service vessel availability, are necessary if we are to achieve our goals.

“Our efforts to increase recovery from fields over many years mean that well capacity has been used up at many of the fixed drilling installations, and we must therefore recover old wells in order to drill new ones.

“In addition to increasing the availability of installations, changes to and development of the choice of method and design will be necessary prior to each new well decision in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

“Together with licence partners and the supplier industry, Statoil will ensure that design and technology are applied to maximise resource utilisation. In addition, the availability of drilling installations must be increased and we must also satisfy the requirements for the efficient production of new wells.”