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Wins award for outstanding research

June 15, 2010, 11:47 CEST

The award was presented by the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) during the organisation’s conference in Barcelona, Spain. 


Statoil's Lasse Amundsen (left) receives the Conrad Schlumberger award from EAGE president Mahmoud Abdulbaqi.

Amundsen has published a great number of articles on seismic data processing and imaging. Many of his methods are in industrial use within exploration and improved oil and gas recovery. Amundsen emphasises that the award is a great recognition of his efforts. 

”I am honoured and humbled to receive this award, the former recipients being outstanding international petroleum geophysicists. In order to prevail in such a competition, you need to work for a company that facilitates creativity and innovation within industrial research and technology development,” he says.                             

Amundsen emphasises that Statoil is an ideal place for research and technology development. 

“Statoil offers you exciting technological challenges at all times, as well as unique geophysical data that I and many good colleagues can draw on in order to be at the cutting edge of research,” Amundsen says.      

The head of global exploration technology in Statoil, Bård Krokan, emphasises that strong specialist skills within geophysics are essential to the success of Statoil’s projects, both nationally and internationally.           
“New reserves are harder to find and exploit, and Lasse Amundsen’s knowledge helps us see opportunities that others do not see, which will improve our competitive edge,” Krokan says.

This is the second time the award has been granted to a Norwegian since it was established in 1955. Professor Bjørn Ursin from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) received the award in 1993.

The judging panel's reasoning

In recognition of his very extensive and innovative contributions to geophysics and his endless interest in novel ideas. Lasse Amundsen has carried out major pioneering work on the subjects of data acquisition and signal analysis that included advancements in wavelet estimation and deghosting, multiple attenuation, sea-bed logging and ocean-bottom-cable (OBC) many of which ended up adopted by leading service companies and contractors. His specific contributions to OBC have helped to improve data acquired using this relatively new and growing method. In addition, Amundsen has co-authored a book on petroleum seismology that is widely used as a reference work and in the classrooms of many universities.