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Helicopter traffic is running as normal

May 24, 2011, 14:20 CEST

All helicopter flights are expected to run to normal schedule. Air Transportation is keeping updated on the weather forecast and is still keeping in continuous touch with the helicopter operators, but does not expect that the ash cloud will affect operations today.

It was an eruption from the Grimsvötn volcano in Island that created the ash cloud that caused problems for the helicopter traffic to the Norwegian continental shelf yesterday.

Updated 24 May:

Ash cloud impacts helicopter traffic
The ash cloud from Iceland’s Grimsvötn volcano is having an impact on helicopter traffic to and from Statoil’s offshore installations in Norway.

Safety is the first priority in all of Statoil’s operations. Statoil’s air transport team is monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the helicopter operators. Status as of 12.30 on Tuesday, 24 May is as follows:

Helicopter flights that should have departed from Sola Stavanger today have been cancelled. The flights from Flesland Bergen are now running again. The flights from other heliports are running to normal schedule.  

Please note that passengers must still report to the heliport at the agreed time, unless notified otherwise.

The situation has no immediate impact on production, but does entail that personnel cannot travel to and from the installations.

Statoil has emergency resources strategically located in the form of vessels and helicopters covering the Norwegian continental shelf.

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