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Shutting down production on Huldra

September 3, 2014, 11:59 CEST

The Huldra platform in the North Sea. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

Since the Huldra field (PL051/052) came on stream on 21 November 2001 it has produced a total of 17,5 GSm³ of wet gas and has a recovery rate of 80%.

In its golden days Huldra produced more than 11 million standard cubic metres of gas and 4,000 standard cubic metres of condensate per day.

Being the first Statoil-operated platform without permanent staffing, Huldra was operated from the Veslefrikk B platform located around 16 kilometres away.

Operational and maintenance tasks on Huldra have temporarily required personnel on the installation.

Possibilities of reusing the platform

The Huldra cessation project was launched some years ago to prepare a concept, plans and impact assessment of the cessation.

The project has considered the possibility of reusing the platform instead of scrapping it, and the platform was therefore put up for sale in 2011. The project is still actively seeking a solution of reuse.

The Huldra platform will be regularly maintained until the West Epsilon drilling rig arrives at Huldra in 2016 for permanent well plugging, and project activities will also be carried out during this period.

The field will not be fully decommissioned before 2019 and no later than 2021.