Extending the contract with Maersk Intrepid

October 12, 2018 12:23 CEST | Last modified January 16, 2019 12:22 CET
The Maersk Intrepid rig
The Maersk Intrepid jack-up rig. (Photo: Maersk Drilling)

Maersk Drilling AS and the Maersk Intrepid rig have been awarded a 5-month contract for operational support on the Martin Linge field. Two extension options will also be exercised, and four new options will be added.

Maersk Intrepid initially had a contract for operational support for the Martin Linge licence until April 2019. Equinor has now chosen to exercise two one-month options, and then start a new contract from 1 June to 31 October 2019.

In addition Maersk Intrepid will get four new two-month extension options. The value of the fixed part of the new contract is assessed at USD 40 million.

The jack-up rig will mainly be used to add bed capacity on the field, but may also be used for drilling-related tasks.

“This is capacity we need at Martin Linge for commissioning tasks and efficient work towards production start-up,” says Jan Einar Malmin, project director for Martin Linge.

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Photo from the contract signing
Front row from the left: Thomas Lysgaard Falk (Maersk), Kenneth Fossøy (Maersk), Gunstein Reiestad Varhaug (Equinor), Jan Einar Malmin (Equinor). Second row from the left: Petter Kostøl (Equinor), Michael Højberg Olsen (Maersk), Jesper Moberg (Maersk), Frido Drost (Equinor), Kjell Evensgård (Maersk)
(Photo: Magnus Frantzen Eidsvold / Equinor ASA)