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Planlegger ny Oseberg-satellitt

juli 1, 2005, 08:00 CEST

On Friday Hydro submitted its Plan for Development and Operation (PUD) of the satellite field Oseberg Delta in the North Sea to the Norwegian Ministry of Oil and Energy. Production start is scheduled for October 1, 2007.

"Oseberg Delta will be a major contribution to the further development of the Oseberg area," says Jan Arve Haugan, Director of the Oseberg/Grane unit in Oil & Energy.

Oseberg Delta will be developed as an underwater installation with four drilling slots which will be connected to the Oseberg D platform at the Oseberg field centre with two pipelines.

Here the production stream will be directed to the same receptor used for the Tune satellite field. The estimates for recoverable gas from Oseberg Delta are in the order of 8 billion cubic metres.

In addition it has been calculated that the field contains 2.7 billion cubic metres of recoverable fluids in the form of oil and condensates.

Production from Oseberg Delta will increase gradually as production Tune declines. At its peak, Delta will produce five million cubic metres of gas per day. It is expected that Oseberg Delta will remain in production until 2014.

Opening opportunities
The development of Oseberg Delta is estimated to cost 1.8 billion NOK, including the drilling of two wells.

The wells will be drilled in the winter of 2006/2007. Delta is considering development of several new opportunities in the area, such as the "G-central" prospect.

"Oseberg Delta is a building block that makes it possible to include production from other sea bed structures nearby," says Tore Grønvold, who is project manager for Oseberg Delta PUD.

The development plan for this field is the last milestone for the time being in Hydro's long-term work to develop the Oseberg area. Production from the satellite field J-structure at Oseberg South began earlier in June.

Work on the Oseberg West Flnak is continuing at full pace, and production will commence in December 2005.

It is expected that the Ministry will respond to the application for development during September.

Partners in Oseberg Delta:
Hydro (operator): 34.0 %
Petoro AS: 33.6 %
Statoil ASA: 15.3 %
Total E&P Norge: 10.0 %
Exxon Mobil Production Norway Inc: 4.7 %
Norske Conoco Phillips: 2.4 %


Facts in brief:
  • Location: 8.5 km south west of Oseberg field centre.
  • Sea depth: 102 metres
  • Installations: One well head template on the sea bed
  • Wells: two production wells
  • Pipelines: Two 10-inch pipelines will transport the well stream to the Oseberg D platform. Additionally a control cable will connect to the Oseberg A platform
  • Production start: October 1, 2007
  • Estimated recoverable resources: 8 billion cubic metres of gas and 2.3 million cubic metres of recoverable liquids in the form of oil and condensates.
  • Investments: 1.8 billion NOK, including drilling programme
  • Modifications: Existing receptor facility for Tune is to be modified to handle production from Oseberg Delta.