IR Gas Market Update 16 September 2021 IR Gas Market Update 16 September 2021 - Speaker notes IR Gas Marked Update 16 Sep 2021
Capital Markets Day 2021, 15 June 2021 CMD 15.06.2021
Project Highlights event for analysts/investors, 17 March 2021 Project Highlights event - 17 March 2021
IR Gas Market  Update 19  February 2021 IR Gas Market  Update 19  Feb 2021 - Speakers short term gas market 2021
IR digital event on Low Carbon Solutions (LCS)  21 January 2021 IR Low Carbon Solutions event 21.01.2021
Equinor Offshore and Floating Wind 16 December Offshore and floating wind-16-12-2020
Business Update December 2020 Business update December 2020
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2019 and Capital Markets Update 2020, 6 February 
06.02.2020-all presentations
IR autumn seminar, 26 November 2019 26.11.2019-webcast - 26.11.2019 PDF
Gas Market Update to Sparebank1 Markets and clients,  17 June 2019 17.06.2019-PDF
Exploration update, 27 May 2019 27.05.2019-PDF
Kepler-Cheuvreux clients' event, 26 March, Oslo, Rafael Herrera, MMP 26.03.2019-PDF
Equinor gas seminar, 21 February 21.02.2019-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2018 and Capital Markets Update 2019, 6 February  06.02.2019-all presentations
IR seminar autumn conference, 20 November 2018 20.11.2018-all presentations
Exploration update to analysts and investors, 21 June 2018, EVP Tim Dodson 21.06.2018-PDF
SRI Day 2018, 4 May 2018 04.05.2018-all presentations
Statoil gas seminar, 22 February 22.02.2018-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2017 and Capital Markets Update 2018, 7 February 
07.02.2018-all presentations
Statoil site visit for analysts and investors: "Offshore from onshore", 4 and 5 October 2017 04.10.2017-PDF
Business Update incl. second quarter 2017, 26 September 2017 26.09.2017-PDF
Exploration 2017 Exploration-2017-PDF
Statoil gas seminar, 9 March 09.03.2017-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2016 and Capital Markets Update 2017, 7 February  07.02.2017-all presentations 
IR seminar Autumn Conference Tuesday 6 December, Oslo 06.12.2016-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2015 and Capital Markets Update 2016, 4 February 
04.02.2016-all presentations
Statoil gas seminar, 18 February
18.02.2016-all presentations
Pareto Securities' Power & Renewable Energy Conference, 14 January 
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2015, 23 November 
23.11.2015-PDF -  23.11-2015-webcast
Jefferies 2015 Global Energy Conference, 11 November
Swedbank Presentation, 19 March, Tim Dodson
Analyst conference fourth quarter 2014 and Capital Markets Update (CMU) 2015
06.02.2015-all presentations
Johan Sverdrup PDO – Conference call, 13 February
Balancing returns and growth, Société Générale – The Premium Review, 3 December
Statoil US update, Jefferies Global Energy Conference, November November-2014-PDF
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2014, 17 November 17.11.2014-PDF
Conference call – Change of CEO, 15 October 15.10.2014-audio
Update on US Onshore, Torstein Hole, August  Torstein Hole-August-2014-PDF
US Offshore overview, Jason Nye, August Jason Nye-August-204-PDF
IR Reception Margareth Øvrum, Stavanger, 26 August 26.08.2014-PDF
Concept selection for Johan Sverdrup – 13 February Johan-Sverdrup-13.02.2014-PDF (transcript)
Execute for Improved Value Creation – Statoil Business Update, William Maloney, 13 February William Maloney-13.02.2014-PDF
Analyst conference Q4 2013 and Capital Markets Update 2014, 7 February 07.02.2014-all presentations
North American Growth, Jefferies Global Energy Conference, Jason Nye, 12 November 12.11.2013-PDF
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2013, Oslo, 25 November 25.11.2013-PDF - 25.11.2013-webcast
Site visit for investors and analysts, Stavanger, Norway, 19 and 20 June 19.06.2013-PDF
World Class Exploration performance, Tim Dodson, London, 23 May 23.05.2013-PDF
High quality growth, Torgrim Reitan, New Orleans, 20 March 20.03.2013-PDF
4th quarter and full year 2012 Strategy update, Torgrim Reitan, London, 7 February Torgrim Reitan-07.02.2013-PDF
Creating value from a strong gas position, Eldar Sætre, London, 7 February Eldar Sætre-
NCS on track, Øystein Michelsen, London, 7 February Øystein Michelsen-07.02.2013-PDF
Statoil's activities in the Barents Sea, Macquarie Oil and Gas Explorers Conference, London, 7 January
Statoil CEO Helge Lund speech at CERAweek conference 2012 06.03.2012-PDF