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Equinor Offshore and Floating Wind 16 December Offshore and floating wind-16-12-2020
Business Update December 2020 Business update December 2020
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2019 and Capital Markets Update 2020, 6 February 
06.02.2020-all presentations
IR autumn seminar, 26 November 2019 26.11.2019-webcast - 26.11.2019 PDF
Gas Market Update to Sparebank1 Markets and clients,  17 June 2019 17.06.2019-PDF
Exploration update, 27 May 2019 27.05.2019-PDF
Kepler-Cheuvreux clients' event, 26 March, Oslo, Rafael Herrera, MMP 26.03.2019-PDF
Equinor gas seminar, 21 February 21.02.2019-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2018 and Capital Markets Update 2019, 6 February  06.02.2019-all presentations
IR seminar autumn conference, 20 November 2018 20.11.2018-all presentations
Exploration update to analysts and investors, 21 June 2018, EVP Tim Dodson 21.06.2018-PDF
SRI Day 2018, 4 May 2018 04.05.2018-all presentations
Statoil gas seminar, 22 February 22.02.2018-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2017 and Capital Markets Update 2018, 7 February 
07.02.2018-all presentations
Statoil site visit for analysts and investors: "Offshore from onshore", 4 and 5 October 2017 04.10.2017-PDF
Business Update incl. second quarter 2017, 26 September 2017 26.09.2017-PDF
Exploration 2017 Exploration-2017-PDF
Statoil gas seminar, 9 March 09.03.2017-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2016 and Capital Markets Update 2017, 7 February  07.02.2017-all presentations 
IR seminar Autumn Conference Tuesday 6 December, Oslo 06.12.2016-all presentations
Analyst conference fourth quarter results 2015 and Capital Markets Update 2016, 4 February 
04.02.2016-all presentations
Statoil gas seminar, 18 February
18.02.2016-all presentations
Pareto Securities' Power & Renewable Energy Conference, 14 January 
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2015, 23 November 
23.11.2015-PDF -  23.11-2015-webcast
Jefferies 2015 Global Energy Conference, 11 November
Swedbank Presentation, 19 March, Tim Dodson
Analyst conference fourth quarter 2014 and Capital Markets Update (CMU) 2015
06.02.2015-all presentations
Johan Sverdrup PDO – Conference call, 13 February
Balancing returns and growth, Société Générale – The Premium Review, 3 December
Statoil US update, Jefferies Global Energy Conference, November November-2014-PDF
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2014, 17 November 17.11.2014-PDF
Conference call – Change of CEO, 15 October 15.10.2014-audio
Update on US Onshore, Torstein Hole, August  Torstein Hole-August-2014-PDF
US Offshore overview, Jason Nye, August Jason Nye-August-204-PDF
IR Reception Margareth Øvrum, Stavanger, 26 August 26.08.2014-PDF
Concept selection for Johan Sverdrup – 13 February Johan-Sverdrup-13.02.2014-PDF (transcript)
Execute for Improved Value Creation – Statoil Business Update, William Maloney, 13 February William Maloney-13.02.2014-PDF
Analyst conference Q4 2013 and Capital Markets Update 2014, 7 February 07.02.2014-all presentations
North American Growth, Jefferies Global Energy Conference, Jason Nye, 12 November 12.11.2013-PDF
Statoil Investor Relations Autumn mini-seminar 2013, Oslo, 25 November 25.11.2013-PDF - 25.11.2013-webcast
Site visit for investors and analysts, Stavanger, Norway, 19 and 20 June 19.06.2013-PDF
World Class Exploration performance, Tim Dodson, London, 23 May 23.05.2013-PDF
High quality growth, Torgrim Reitan, New Orleans, 20 March 20.03.2013-PDF
4th quarter and full year 2012 Strategy update, Torgrim Reitan, London, 7 February Torgrim Reitan-07.02.2013-PDF
Creating value from a strong gas position, Eldar Sætre, London, 7 February Eldar Sætre-
NCS on track, Øystein Michelsen, London, 7 February Øystein Michelsen-07.02.2013-PDF
Statoil's activities in the Barents Sea, Macquarie Oil and Gas Explorers Conference, London, 7 January
Statoil CEO Helge Lund speech at CERAweek conference 2012 06.03.2012-PDF