Siri platform in place

November 19, 1998, 00:15 CET

The production platform for Statoil's Siri field off Denmark was finally installed early this morning.

Bad weather defeated two earlier attempts to install the jack-up unit in the Danish North Sea. As a result, the planned start to production has had to be postponed.

Originally towed from Stavanger on 1 October, the platform should have been positioned three days later onto the steel storage tank on Siri. Strong winds and high waves meant the unit had to be towed to sheltered waters near Flekkefjord in southern Norway. A second try four weeks later was also called off.

"The operation went extremely well this time," says project manager Rune Mordal. "After seven weeks of waiting, we finally got the wave heights needed to get started and the work actually progressed much faster than planned."

Siri was due to come on stream in November, but Mr Mordal is unable to say at present when production will now begin. However, he expects the field to be in operation next January.