Good injury record

December 14, 1998, 08:00 CET

Two years of drilling without lost-time injuries have been completed by Transocean Arctic on Statoil's Åsgard project.

With a complement of roughly 80 people at any given time, the rig has maintained a high level of activity over this period on the Norwegian Sea field.

Some 340 helicopter landings involving about 4,500 passengers have been accomplished, for instance. And the rig has drilled nine wells with a total length of more than 55 kilometres.

"This represents a very good performance," says senior drilling superintendent Trond H Eilertsen in the resource development department for Åsgard. "It's a bit of a rarity."

He adds that the good result primarily reflects a good community spirit on the rig, with personnel looking out for each other. Transocean and Statoil have also devoted much effort to correcting both attitudes and behaviour among crew.

"When something isn't as it should be, it has consequences for those concerned," Mr Eilertsen notes. "The important consideration isn't what you say, but what you do."

He also praises the commitment of Kyrre Nese, operations vice president for Åsgard, who has been a driving force in safety efforts on the field.

"This work has a positive effect not only on safety statistics, but also on drilling progress and efficiency."

Together with the three other rigs working on Åsgard - Transocean Winner, Transocean Searcher and Scarabeo 6 - Transocean Arctic has also succeeded in completing roughly 1.5 million working hours over a single year with zero lost-time injuries.