More Angolan oil

January 4, 2000, 07:40 CET

Another oil discovery has been made in block 17 off Angola, where Statoil has a 13.33 per cent interest.

This Camelia strike is the eighth in a row on this acreage, and lies about 200 kilometres north-west of the capital, Luanda.

Although not especially large, it confirms that the block as a whole contain reserves on a par with Norway's Ekofisk field in the North Sea.

This find also strengthens the reserve base in the area, reports Jon Bakken, who heads Statoil's development operations in western Africa.

The earlier discoveries in block 17, which is operated by Elf Exploration Angola, are Girassol, Dalia, Rosa, Lirio, Cravo, Orquidea and Tulipa.

On a par with Statoil's Norne field in the Norwegian Sea, Girassol is currently being developed with a large production ship and subsea templates. Plans call for oil to start flowing in 2001.

Camelia's crude is the same type already found in Dalia, rather heavier than the Girassol oil. The new discovery could be developed as a Dalia satellite, says Mr Bakken.

Statoil will submit its comments on the conceptual solution for a development during February, and Mr Bakken believes a plan for development and operation could be available in late 2000 or early 2001.