First 1-2-3 station for Norway

May 25, 2001, 15:20 CEST

The first Norwegian service station based on Statoil’s 1-2-3 automated concept is due to open at Dokka north of Oslo in June under the Rimi 1-2-3 name.

Ten such self-service forecourts are due to be tested in Norway by Statoil Detaljhandel during the year.

These outlets will have the same logo and appearance as the basic design developed in the Baltic states, but will be rather smaller and feature lower canopies.

“The stations are adapted to Norwegian conditions, and some will be attached to Rimi supermarkets,” reports president Jacob Schram in Statoil Detaljhandel Norway.

Only petrol and diesel oil are sold by the 1-2-3 low-price concept. The first Statoil automated station in Scandinavia opened at Hillerød in Denmark in March.