Sponsoring Oslo Jazz Festival

February 27, 2002, 14:00 CET

This year, and for the next two years, Statoil will be the main sponsor of the Oslo Jazz Festival.

Statoil wants to continue supporting young talent. The Oslo Jazz Festival therefore contacted the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), which has put together two youth jazz orchestras. With funding from Statoil, the youngsters will receive the very best teachers and will get to appear in Norway and other countries.

The new agreement means that students at the NMH will get to appear at major concerts during the festival. The main attraction in the project is a band comprising 18 musicians. In addition, two smaller groups have been chosen to perform at the festival and to take part in concerts in Norway and internationally.

Statoil has supported and inspired young talent in the field of classical music over the past 10 years. The group arranges around 20 concerts annually. Talented young people who have reached a certain level will now get the chance to perform and may go on to develop an international career.