Hydro Formates launches new EcoForm brand

October 17, 2002, 01:00 CEST

Hydro-subsidiary Hydro Formates will launch its new EcoForm brand of potassium brines and powders for the oil industry at the EUROPEC 2002 conference and exhibition on technology for tomorrow's oil reservoirs - in Aberdeen, Oct. 29-31.

The EcoForm brand will cover the spectrum of potassium formate grades manufactured by Hydro Formates for the oil industry.

Potassium formate is the basis for the new generation of high performance drilling and completion fluids, and its use is growing faster than any other product in the oilfield chemicals market. High profile oil and gas fields in the Norwegian and UK offshore sectors where formate brines have been used with spectacular results in the past year include Elgin/Franklin, High Island, Huldra, Tune, Devenick, Snorre, Njord, Visund, Shearwater, Gamma and Goliath.

Leading supplier

"We have been the leading provider of potassium formate brines and powders to the oil industry since 1994," says John Downs, Hydro Formates oilfield business manager. " As a market pioneer we've been seeing consistent strong growth in demand for formate brines, year on year, driven by the failure of traditional drilling and completion fluids to meet the oil industry’s needs for higher performance products.

"Our EcoForm products allow oil companies to take their well construction technologies to the limit, and they further reward users with increased well productivities. The use of drilling and completion fluids based on EcoForm is greatly reducing the industry’s exposure to the Health, Safety and Environmental liability risks that have always been present in the background when using conventional fluids."

Hydro Formates has always had a strong position in Norway but it is now in the process of establishing local stock facilities and offices in other parts of the world. Starting in the UK, Hydro Formates has reached an agreement with well-known oilfield brine wholesaler Peacock Oilfield Services to stock at least 2,000 bbl of 12.8 ppg and 13.1 ppg EcoForm brines in dedicated storage tanks at a quayside location in Aberdeen harbor.

Hydro Formates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Pronova, a division within Norsk Hydro. The company exclusively produces formate-based products that provide unique ecological solutions for several industries. Its entire portfolio of 15 formate-based formulations is benign, ecological and fully biodegradable. As well as being the leading supplier of potassium formate to the oil and gas industry,  Hydro Formates is the preferred provider of formate solutions in the animal nutrition, aquaculture, refrigeration, preservation and de-icing sectors.