Contract for Norne satellites

May 12, 2004, 09:50 CEST

A contract worth just under NOK 550 million for subsea production systems on the Norne satellites in the Norwegian Sea has been placed by operator Statoil with FMC Kongsberg Subsea.

Signed on behalf of the partners in production licence 128, this deal covers three subsea templates with a total of eight slots for the Stær and Svale fields close to Norne.

One three-slot template and a second unit with two slots for water injection are to be installed on Svale, while Stær will have a combined unit with two production trees and one for injection.

The delivery also embraces the necessary intervention equipment and control system with umbilical. FMC has previously delivered similar installations to Norne.

”We’re very satisfied to have involved FMC in the work we’ll be doing to develop the Norne satellites,” says project manager Kjetel Digre.

”This is a Norway-based company with long experience of design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of these important development components. It’s been involved in a number of successful Statoil projects earlier.”

About 75 per cent of deliveries to the Norne satellites are expected to come from Norwegian suppliers.

The contract with FMC is subject to final approval by the partners and a green light from the authorities for the plan for development and operation.

Svale and Stær are being developed with a traditional satellite solution, in which the subsea systems will be tied back to the Norne production ship.

Located in roughly 380 metres of water, the two fields are due to produce about 70,000 barrels of oil per day with a planned production start in the autumn of 2005.