Statoil sets up artist grant

July 5, 2007, 09:00 CEST

Statoil has established a grant for talented young Norwegian artists. It forms part of the stars of tomorrow talent concept.

The grant is awarded every second year. A jury will nominate five artists who will each receive NOK 25,000 with the winner receiving a NOK 500,000 grant.

The nominees will take part in an exhibition forming part of the grant award.
Statoil's first grant-related exhibition is being organised in Oslo in November.

A jury has evaluated 28 suitable candidates in the last few months. It comprises head juror and curator Sune Nordgren, art historians Wenche Volle and Einar Børresen, professor Sigred Lien and artist Steinar Elstrøm.

The jury's decision is not simply based on artists' previous works, but also on what they submit for the exhibition. The nominees are Bård Ask, Kim Hiorthøy, Astrid Johannesen, Jone Kvie and Camilla Løw.

"We're delighted that several of Scandinavia's most knowledgeable art experts have volunteered to be on the jury," says Aina Sørhus, project manager in internal communication.

"It will be exciting to see who the winning grant is awarded to."