Royal opening of Ormen Lange

October 6, 2007, 17:54 CEST
Ormen Lange Inauguration

King Harald and Queen Sonja receive flowers from local children. (Photo: Gisle Nomme)

The development has been demanding, and many have contributed to the project’s successful completion. As operator and planning and development coordinator, the Ormen Lange project organisation has worked closely with the supplier industry, field partners and the authorities.

Local and regional interests in Møre and Romsdal county, mid-Norway, have provided good support to the development, and contributed to the project being a success. 

Big day for Norway

“This is a big day for StatoilHydro and the Norwegian offshore industry,” says StatoilHydro’s chief executive Helge Lund.

“I am proud to show the results of a development project that has gathered some of the best of Norwegian industrial and offshore expertise.”

Gas production from Ormen Lange commenced on 13 September this year. StatoilHydro will be operator up until 30 November 2007. Shell will then take over production operatorship.

Solid Norwegian contributions

Demanding conditions far offshore have made it necessary to utilise new, groundbreaking technology to produce gas.

“Many Norwegian companies have contributed to the work and Ormen Lange is a prominent demonstration that it is possible to collaborate on the delivery of demanding gas projects,” says Mr Lund.

“The Norwegian offshore industry has passed the test and that can lead to spin-off effects in international competition.”

He believes that the Ormen Lange development can make an important contribution to other future oil and gas developments.

Ormen Lange

- StatoilHydro is operator of Ormen Lange.
- Shell will take over as operator from 1 December 2007.
- Shell has been responsible for production well drilling on behalf of the development operator.
Ormen Lange partnership

StatoilHydro – 28.9169% interest, development phase operator
Shell – 17.0375% interest, production operator
Petoro – 36.4750% interest
Dong Energy – 10.3420% interest
ExxonMobil – 7.2286% interest 


- The Langeled joint venture partnership, that has comprised owners in Ormen Lange as well as ConocoPhillips and Gassco, was established to construct, operate and own the transport system from Nyhamna to Easington.
- Gassco took over as operator for Langeled on 1 September 2006. The southern section of Langeled from Sleipner to Easington became operative on 1 October 2006 as planned.
- Hydro has been responsible for the completion of Langeled from Sleipner to Nyhamna on behalf of Gassco.
- Statoil has headed the pipelaying project for gas export on behalf of Hydro.