Gas from Statfjord to the UK

October 15, 2007, 11:03 CEST
Statfjord C

The Tampen Link pipeline transports gas from the Statfjord field, via the Statfjord B platform, to the Flags transport system, which runs from the UK’s Brent field to St Fergus, Scotland. (Photo: Øyvind Hagen).

The project reached an important milestone when gas could be exported through a new corridor to the UK gas market.

In addition to having capacity to transport all gas produced on Statfjord, the pipeline is designed to enable export of gas volumes up to the capacity in the FLAGS pipeline. The UK owners in Statfjord export their gas through the Spur Line exit point to UK.

“The Statfjord late life project is our test case on how to maximise the Norwegian continental shelf potential,” says Arne Sigve Nylund, senior vice president in StatoilHydro’s Exploration & Production Norway business area.

The Statfjord late life project was approved in 2005. Preparations for the export of gas to the UK comprise the first phase of the endeavour.

The project’s next phase entails low-pressure production and will begin in about two years' time.

The gas phase significantly prolongs Statfjord’s lifetime and secures offshore jobs.

Statfjord C


The project not only generates value for the field’s owners, but society as a whole.

Additional access

Tampen Link is a 23.2 kilometre, 32-inch gas pipeline that runs between the Statfjord field and a link on the FLAGS pipeline.

Tampen Link provides Norwegian gas owners with additional access to the UK market. The total capacity in Tampen Link is about 11 billion standard cubic metres per year.

“If we succeed here, we’ll also succeed with other fields after this one,” says Mr Nylund.

Over half of the project still remains. Scheduled in 2009, the three Statfjord platforms will be converted to produce oil and gas with a lower reservoir pressure.

“The key lies in the simple, yet nonetheless complex task of maintaining production while simultaneously converting the three platforms,” says Mr Nylund.

Statfjord partners: StatoilHydro 44.34 %, ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Norway 21.37 %, Norske ConocoPhillips AS 10.33 %, Norske Shell AS 8.55 %, ConocoPhillips UK AS 4.84 %, Centrica Resources AS 9.68 % and Enterprise Oil Norge AS 0.89 %.

Tampen Link partners: StatoilHydro ASA 54.4 %, ExxonMobil 18.2 %, Norske Shell 12.2 %, ConocoPhillips 8.2 % and Petoro 7.0 %.