New drilling campaign at Sleipner West

January 10, 2008, 11:45 CET

The jack-up drilling rig West Epsilon and wellhead platform Sleipner B. (Photo: Øyvind Hagen)

The option has a value of NOK 620 million, and the total value of the contract now entered into with Seadrill for Sleipner West since last summer now amounts to NOK 1.18 billion.

The option to use the jack-up drilling rig West Epsilon allows StatoilHydro to drill five or six new wells at Sleipner West in the period leading up to 2010.

There is strong activity on the Sleipner West field, and new seismics will be shot this year. StatoilHydro is utilising advanced seismics to reduce risk and become more effective in its drilling operations.

The drilling campaign can contribute to increasing remaining reserves. The initiatives being implemented mean that production at Sleipner West is expected to continue well beyond 2020.


  • Sleipner West is a gas and condensate (light oil) field in the North Sea, 110 metres below the sea surface
  • Through the drilling campaign now being initiated, the field's reserves will increase by 9 billion cubic metres of gas
  • Daily production is 22.6 million cubic metres of gas and 7300 cubic metres of unstable condensates
  • The field has been developed with an unmanned wellhead platform, Sleipner B, and a process platform, Sleipner T
  • At the north of the field lies the Alpha North segment with a seabed template
  • Sleipner west has produced gas and condensates for 11 years, and production of gas has been at plateau level until now
  • StatoilHydro's share of the licence is 58,35%
  • CO2 is removed from the gas and injected into the water-filled Utsira reservoir at Sleipner East.