Supplies micro-generation technology to E.ON

January 15, 2008, 10:03 CET


Micro Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP) is a technology that increases the energy efficiency of small-scale gas or diesel-powered electricity generation plants by capturing and using their surplus heat for heating.

The high efficiency of EC Power Micro CHP systems is enabling them to increasingly supersede conventional energy installations.

"Gaining a contract with a company of E.ON’s size demonstrates the viability of micro CHP alongside other micro-generation technologies," says Kristofer Hetland, Chairman of EC Power’s board of Directors.

"StatoilHydro’s involvement in EC Power contributes to promoting energy-efficient solutions and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions," he says.

E.ON UK is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, and under the terms of the agreement, EC Power’s CHP products will be offered to E.ON’s public and private sector customers.

The deal with E.ON’s Sustainable Energy Solutions business comes at a time when interest in low-carbon micro-generation technologies is high.

The UK government’s recent Climate Change Bill proposes a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 60% before 2050 to help tackle global warming.

EC Power systems are delivering significant energy savings for a growing number of public and private sector organisations including local authorities, housing associations, hospitals and residential care homes.

Micro CHP offers an easy route to meeting the level of emission reductions required by these consumers. It simultaneously generates heating, hot water and electricity for use in domestic and commercial applications.

As most of the waste heat from the generation process is recovered, the units are inherently ‘green’ as they use much less fuel than conventional technologies.

This environmental benefit increases further when renewable biofuels are used instead of the natural gas or diesel normally used. With a typical system, consumers can expect to save up to 60 percent on their energy bills.