Gas from Kårstø for 25 years

October 7, 2010, 10:09 CEST

The Kårstø facility north of Stavanger. (Photo: Øyvind Hagen)

It will be 25 years on 15 October since the first deliveries of dry gas from this facility north of Stavanger were made via the Statpipe and Norpipe lines to Emden in Germany.

Measured from 1 October 1985 to 1 October 2010, the plant has delivered natural and liquefied petroleum gases corresponding to 5 001 terawatt-hours by pipeline and ship respectively.

According to an overview from grid operator Statnett, Norway generated 2 984 TWh of electricity during the same period.

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Kårstø is one of Norway’s most important industrial facilities. Its capacity has increased more than fivefold since 1985, and it currently receives gas from 30 fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.


Kjetil Ohm, head of processing and transport in Statoil’s Natural Gas business area. (Photo: Kjetil Alsvik)

“The importance of Kårstø and the Draupner pipeline hub in the North Sea has not come by itself,” says Kjetil Ohm, head of processing and transport in Statoil’s Natural Gas business area.

“Many years of safe and efficient operation, with high regularity, has been the most important contribution. Each employee and our suppliers have also played a big part in helping to make Kårstø an attractive hub for new gas fields.

“The fact that we have attracted several thousand visitors from 98 countries in recent years also shows the interest for a plant of this kind in a global context.”

“Kårstø is a key link in the unique value chain which has allowed Norway to become the world’s second largest gas exporter,” says Brian Bjordal, chief executive of operator Gassco.

“The history of this plant is nothing less than fantastic, and many people deserve great thanks for making such an industrial achievement possible.

“Mention must be made of the many thousands who have taken part in building up Kårstø, and of the pioneers who had the vision and drive to push through the decision to create Statpipe and this plant.”

The anniversary will be celebrated at a ceremony for owners, politicians and government authorities at Kårstø from 14.00 on 7 October. Celebrations for the workforce will be held in November and December.