Mourning ceremony at Haakon's Hall (Bergen, Norway)

January 28, 2013, 18:58 CET
The missing employee is Victor Sneberg (56 years old from Sandnes, Norway). The four who have been confirmed dead are Tore Bech (58 years old from Bergen, Norway), Hans M. Bjone (55 years old from Brandbu, Norway), Thomas Snekkevik (35 years old from Austrheim/Bergen, Norway), and Alf Vik (43 years old from Grimstad, Norway). The caskets of the deceased will shortly be brought home to Norway where a private casket reception will be held.  

The mourning ceremony in Bergen on 4 February will commence at 12.00. It is intended for the next of kin, those directly affected, representatives of management, support staffs and other Statoil employees involved. Representatives of the Norwegian authorities will also be in attendance. 

A one-minute silence has been planned for Statoil locations at 12.00 Norwegian time on the same day or, if necessary, at another suitable time. All Statoil locations will continue flying the flag at half-mast until, and including, Monday 4 February. There will also be a memorial service at Statoil’s office in Algiers, Algeria, later during the week. Condolence books will also be placed in central Statoil locations.