Oil and gas leak on Statfjord A – status

December 28, 2013, 22:11 CET
There were 168 personnel on board the installation. No-one was injured during the incident. The personnel were mustered and approximately half of them were moved to nearby installations since it was uncertain how long the incident would last.

The situation on the platform was quickly normalized, and all transferred personnel were returned to Statfjord A.

Production from Statfjord A was resumed today, 29 December.

Updated 03.01.2014

During the incident we did not know the volume of the leak. In our continuous dialogue with the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway the volumes and the chain of events, as we currently know them, have been accounted for. We have also initiated an in-depth study, in which the triggering and underlying causes and potential of the incident, among other factors, will be evaluated.

We would also like to mention that the leak consisted of around one cubic metre of stabilised crude. The oil was collected by the drain system and no oil was spilled to sea. The gas detection was released by gas evaporating from the oil.