Fire in utility shaft on Statfjord A has been extinguished

October 16, 2016 12:18 CEST | Last modified October 18, 2016 10:55 CEST
Tha Statfjord A platform
The Statfjord A platform in the North Sea. (Photo: Harald Pettersen)

At 8:20 am CET on Sunday 16 October, the platform manager reported smoke and fire in a utility shaft on Statfjord A. No injuries have been reported. At 11:00 am the platform manager reported that the fire has been extinguished.

The fire started in a loading pump in the utility shaft and was restricted to one area that is separated by fire barriers. 

When the smoke was detected, the automatic deluge system was triggered.

The emergency response organisation on Statfjord A has worked on extinguishing the fire. The area is now being monitored by the fireguard.

There were 67 people on board when the incident occurred. At 10 am, 20 people had been moved to Statfjord B by SAR helicopter.

Production at Statfjord A was shut down and crew on board without emergency response assignments were sent to the lifeboats. They are now being gathered for a debriefing on the platform.

Statoil’s emergency response organisations at Sandsli and in Stavanger were mobilised. Two SAR helicopters are at the field and the emergency response vessel Stril Herkules is in the area.

The weather in the area is good.

Statfjord A is a production platform that has a concrete substructure and storage cells. The Norwegian part of the Statfjord field is located in blocks 33/9 and 33/12 in license 037 and contains both oil and gas.

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