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CVs for Equinor's senior management

Person on Gina Krog
Gina Krog.
Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Find CVs for the members of our senior management below.

Anders Opedal

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2 November 2020

Torgrim Reitan

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 6 October 2022

Jannicke Nilsson image

Jannicke Nilsson

Executive Vice President, Safety, Security & Sustainability (SSU) since 1 June 2021

Kjetil Hove. Photo.

Kjetil Hove

Executive Vice President, Exploration & Production Norway (EPN) since 1 January 2021

Philippe François Mathieu

Executive Vice President, Exploration & Production International (EPI) since 1 January 2023

Geir Tungesvik. Photo.

Geir Tungesvik

Executive Vice President, Projects, Drilling and Procurement (PDP) since 1 May 2022

Irene Rummelhoff. Photo

Irene Rummelhoff

Executive Vice President, Marketing, Midstream & Processing (MMP) since 17 August 2018

Pål Eitrheim.Photo.

Pål Eitrheim

Executive Vice President, Renewables (REN) since 17 August 2018

Hege Skryseth. Photo.

Hege Skryseth

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer since 1 September 2022

Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen. Photo.

Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen

Executive Vice President, Legal & Compliance (LEG) since 1 June 2021

Jannik Lindbæk, Photo.

Jannik Lindbæk

Executive Vice President Communication since 1 March 2022

Aksel Stenerud. Photo.

Aksel Stenerud

Executive Vice President, People & organisation (PO) since 1 March 2022

Bent Rune Solheim

Senior Vice President, Corporate Audit & Investigation (CAI) since 1 October 2021