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CVs for Equinor's senior management

Person on Gina Krog
Gina Krog.
Photo: Einar Aslaksen.

Find CVs for the members of our senior management below.

Anders Opedal

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2 November 2020

Torgrim Reitan

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 6 October 2022

Jannicke Nilsson image

Jannicke Nilsson

Executive Vice President, Safety, Security & Sustainability (SSU) since 1 June 2021

Kjetil Hove. Photo.

Kjetil Hove

Executive Vice President, Exploration & Production Norway (EPN) since 1 January 2021

Philippe François Mathieu

Executive Vice President, Exploration & Production International (EPI) since 1 January 2023

Geir Tungesvik. Photo.

Geir Tungesvik

Executive Vice President, Projects, Drilling and Procurement (PDP) since 1 May 2022

Irene Rummelhoff. Photo

Irene Rummelhoff

Executive Vice President, Marketing, Midstream & Processing (MMP) since 17 August 2018

PÃ¥l Eitrheim.Photo.

PÃ¥l Eitrheim

Executive Vice President, Renewables (REN) since 17 August 2018

Hege Skryseth. Photo.

Hege Skryseth

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer since 1 September 2022

Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen. Photo.

Siv Helen Rygh Torstensen

Executive Vice President, Legal & Compliance (LEG) since 1 June 2021

Jannik Lindbæk, Photo.

Jannik Lindbæk

Executive Vice President Communication since 1 March 2022

Aksel Stenerud. Photo.

Aksel Stenerud

Executive Vice President, People & organisation (PO) since 1 March 2022

Bent Rune Solheim

Senior Vice President, Corporate Audit & Investigation (CAI) since 1 October 2021