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Industrial mechanics

Two young apprentices at work, male and female. Photo.
Photo: Torstein Lund Eik

An industrial mechanic's job involves the maintenance and repair of all types of mechanical equipment and manufacturing machine parts as needed.

There are new challenges every day, and there no days are the same. You will get to use your competence in a wide range within your field.

Meet David, one of our industrial mechanic-apprentices

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The duties of an industrial mechanic can include:

  • Understanding and interpreting drawings, particularly assembly drawings
  • Using all types of hand tools in the assembly and disassembly of machine elements
  • Using heating and cooling during the assembly and disassembly of machine elements
  • Using machine tools to produce and adapt machine elements
  • Carrying out repair welding

What kind of person are we looking for?

An industrial mechanic needs to work independently and in teams and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and asset owners. You should have good technical insight and be precise and responsible in your actions. It's advantageous if you're curious about new technology and alternative repair methods.