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Laboratory at Mongstad
Photo: Øyvind Hagen

A laboratory technician can work in research, production, diagnostics, forensics, food security, health, or the environment. The laboratory technician is familiar with sampling, understands the production process, and is skilled in chemistry and laboratory techniques.

The daily duties of a laboratory technician can include:

  • Using and maintaining instruments and equipment
  • Planning and conducting sampling
  • Preparing samples for analyses and conducting analyses
  • Assessing and verifying analysis results
  • Ensuring traceability in analyses, equipment, and test results
  • Performing work in line with applicable health, safety, environment, and quality assurance regulations
  • Streamlining and improving methods, routines, and procedures

Meet one of our laboratory apprentices

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What kind of person are we looking for?

A laboratory technician needs to be able to work independently and according to plans. You also need to be precise, patient, and able to cooperate with other professionals and users of the laboratory's results.