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Office and administration

Young female office and administration apprentice in a sofa. Photo
Photo: Torstein Lund Eik
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Administration personnel provide administrative support in a company.

This is part of the administrative staff's everyday life in Equinor:

  • administrative support for senior leaders in the company
  • planning and follow-up of meetings and travels
  • planning and execution of major conferences and events
  • tasks within requisitioning, invoice processing, access management and document management
  • communication channels in the company
  • expertise in disciplines across the business, such as HR, finance and procurement processes

Meet Ellen Marie and Therese, two of our office and administration apprentices

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Young female office and administration apprentice. Photo

What kind of person are we looking for?

Administration personnel must be able to work in a planned, systematic, rational, and efficient way. Good written and verbal communication skills in multiple languages, including Norwegian, are important, as are the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service.