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Become part of the engine behind the energy transition

Equinor graduates
Equinor graduates.
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

We are on a journey towards a net-zero future whilst also securing the energy supply for Europe in today’s challenging times. The challenges are many, and the old ways of working are no longer viable. If you have a passion for numbers and an analytical mindset, we in Finance & Control want you on our team.

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We need engaged and competent teams to build a strong CFO function, supporting the acceleration of the energy transition and growth of Equinor values, all whilst building trust and safeguarding our assets.

Torgrim ReitanCFO
Torgrim Reitan

Shaping the future of energy

Equinor is a broad energy company that plays an important role in the energy transition. A career in energy offers enormous potential to shape a better tomorrow.

How can you contribute to the energy transition?

Equinor has shaped a culture of openness and collaboration to foster an environment where any and every individual can shape the future. We believe in continually nurturing talent and helping advance the careers of our employees.

We are looking for curious and bright minds to help us find the answers to some of the most complex challenges facing the industry today.

You will be working with great colleagues and mentors to help you grow and build competence with advanced digital tools – all the while having a possibility to influence and make your mark on Norway’s largest company.

Equinor offers a broad set off development opportunities. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to work your way into specialist or advisor roles in a particular F&C discipline or further expand your knowledge within our F&C network.

A deep dive into Finance & Control. Who works there and what are they working on?

We’ve spoken to three of our colleagues at F&C, with different positions and careers, to find out.

Are Rettedal Ekeli

Are Rettedal Ekeli

Senior Analyst Finance & Control
Tina Marie Eriksen

Tina Marie Eriksen

Senior Analyst Finance & Control
Francesco Cilia

Francesco Cilia

Senior Analyst Economic Analysis

Are Rettedal Ekeli, Senior Analyst Finance & Control

Are, you work as a Senior Analyst in Treasury & Tax. In your opinion, what is the competitive advantage of F&C compared to similar jobs in other companies?

“I would like to highlight some of my previous answers. First, as Equinor is first and foremost an industrial player, you have a purpose that goes beyond the pure financials as such.

I would also like to highlight the possibilities that the actual size provides, both in terms of the level and magnitude of the financial transactions and interactions in Equinor, but also in terms of the vast F&C network in the company. This gives you opportunities to learn and develop within a certain business area, and if you want a new challenge, you can seek it within the company. Also, due to the size of the company there is an unlimited number of tasks to be solved – you’ve got to jump into it!

In addition, I would like to mention the inclusion in the workplace, as well as the work-life balance. You are given a lot of responsibility, challenging tasks, and an environment to develop your career, but at the same time you are encouraged to have a thriving private life”.

If you have a passion for finance and like to have a combination of interesting tasks, large responsibility, collaborate in a highly competent environment, excel your professional development, “unlimited” possibilities within the company, competitive rewards/benefits, a healthy work-life balance, and much more – Then you should file an application as soon as possible!

Are Rettedal Ekeli

Tina Marie Eriksen, Senior Analyst Finance & Control

Hi Tina. You work as a Senior Analyst within the Performance Management function. What opportunities do you have for personal/professional development at F&C?

“One thing that has amazed me is how many different roles and opportunities you have within F&C. In one aspect, you have several areas in F&C you can work within like “performance management”, “economic analysis,” “accounting & financial compliance”, “finance”, among others. In addition to the different F&C areas, you have the aspect of working towards different business areas. Although there are some similar tasks and transferable knowledge, a performance management role towards Drilling & Well is not the same as a performance management role towards Renewables. You will in other words not run out of new things to learn. Whether you prefer positions within leadership, or a professional role, there are many opportunities”.

Francesco Cilia, Senior Analyst Economic Analysis

Hello Francesco, you work as a Senior Analyst and work together with the Economic Analysis team at F&C. Can you tell us about the culture at F&C. What is it like?

“The culture in F&C reflects the company values and is highly cantered on lean and continuous improvement. There is a strong focus on cooperating and supporting co-workers through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. A lean mindset that strives for continuous improvement is present in the day-to-day work, where everyone is incentivized to always challenge the processes and initiatives to focus on those activities that add more value for the company at large. The F&C network is inclusive and promotes diversity, making the department a safe and enjoyable workplace”.

What would you say to those out there who are considering applying for a job in the function?

“If you are curious and interested in a work experience that makes you grow fast and acquire valuable skills employable in different sectors, I strongly recommend applying for a job in F&C. You’ll get great opportunities to expand your professional network, get exposure to the most relevant challenges and trends of the industry while having a chance to make an impact and have responsibilities of your own from the very start”.