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Join our subsurface team!

Employees in Harstad
Employees in Harstad.
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Exciting opportunities at the core of the energy transition

Do you want to work with innovative technology and contributing to more sustainable industry practices? Then you’re the perfect fit for our subsurface team.

Our ambition is to welcome 20 plus colleagues to join our subsurface teams in Stjørdal and Harstad.

Whether you are a generalist or someone who specialises in a relevant discipline, check out our positions to see if this could be the opportunity for you.

A new and exciting place to call home

Relocating to pursue your career in Equinor?

Our offices in Harstad and Stjørdal, have a diverse set of colleagues from different backgrounds and nationalities and we all work towards the same goal; net-zero by 2050.

A career in Equinor means enabling you to delve into advanced cutting-edge technology, all while contributing to a greater purpose: shaping the future of energy and driving towards our net-zero carbon ambition. We also present an opportunity for a life with a good work-life balance.

If you discover a rewarding opportunity with our company that necessitates relocating a considerable distance from your current residence, rest assured that we are committed to assisting you by covering the expenses associated with your relocation, and for the purchase and sale of your own housing. If you decide to join us in Harstad, we also cover 50 percent of your temporary accommodation costs for up to 12 months.

Get acquainted with our team members who have a positive experience with relocating to a new location after securing a job at Equinor.

Solveig Størksen
Solveig Størksen

Solveig Størksen – Production Engineer

Working as a production engineer has presented me with such a valuable opportunity for learning and development. I am very happy I took the chance and moved to Harstad. I love the work-life balance, so much so that my husband and I have bought a house here, and plan on staying here indefinitely.

Romain Jean-Baptiste Ricchi
Romain Jean-Baptiste Ricchi

Romain Jean-Baptiste Ricchi – Senior Geologist, Exploration

I like working in a small office where knowing your colleagues is easy, and our work has a strong influence on the development of Equinor in northern Norway. Living in Harstad is pleasant and everything is within a 10-minute journey. I love the scenic surroundings and the many possibilities to explore nature around us, as well as being part of the local community.

Julie Katrine Dragland
Julie Katrine Dragland

Julie Katrine Dragland – Leading Advisor Geo Operations

I am driven by a sense of purpose in delivering on our safety goals. My department actively contributes to Equinor's climate ambitions by reducing risk and ensuring safety requirements are met in all well-planning projects, from exploration to field development to carbon capture and storage. This makes the work we do rewarding.

Ragnar Stene
Ragnar Stene

Ragnar Stene – Engineer Petroleum Technology

It is motivating to do something that really creates value for the society. The work is exciting, and the managers makes sure that my colleagues and I maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The Equinor office in Harstad.
The Equinor office in Harstad.
Photo: Alex Holdrige

Why Equinor?

Equinor has an attractive project portfolio and a broad set of opportunities, but we recognize that not all solutions are within our grasp. We need new perspectives and innovative minds to succeed with the ongoing transformation within oil and gas, low carbon, and digitalization.

As a part of our team, you will work on diverse and complex tasks and collaborate across disciplines, all while being part of a culture where safety and security is incorporated in everything we do.

With more than 40 operated fields and a profitable project portfolio, what we do matters. We are operating internationally and developing business opportunities in our core markets, including oil and gas, renewable energy, and low carbon solutions. We aim to be a global leader in offshore wind and a European leader in carbon capture and storage.

Our current open positions

If you have a passion for identifying business opportunities, maturing field developments, collaborating in well planning teams, and optimizing asset value, then subsurface is the perfect place for you.

Join us!

Read more about the positions and apply here