More detailed financial reporting on Equinor business in the US

May 14, 2020 17:18 CEST | Last modified May 14, 2020 17:21 CEST

Equinor will report its business in the US as a separate operating segment within Exploration and Production International going forward. With this Equinor will provide the same financial information for our business in the US as for the reporting segments.

Today the president and CEO of Equinor ASA, Eldar Sætre notified the Annual General Meeting that from second quarter 2020 and onward Equinor will report on IFRS results, adjusted results before and after tax, investments, impairments and reversals of impairments, as well as development in non-current asset development, from its US business.

Equinor will also consider establishing its business in the US as a separate reporting segment.

Equinor has in its current quarterly reporting included impairments and reversals of impairments in the US, while reporting on earnings, costs, results before and after tax, investments and equity development in the US has been done in the yearly reporting.

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