New hydrogen electrolysers match renewable source applications(VEDLEGG)

April 24, 2006, 12:00 CEST

Hydro today has launched the new electrolyser concept Inergon® to meet tomorrow's requirements for on-site hydrogen generation.

Inergon® is based on PEM technology and employs new and innovative solutions both inside the cell stack and in the balance of the plant.

With this product, Hydro takes PEM technology one step further by offering electrolysers with up to 10 Nm3/h capacity. Electrolysers based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology normally offer capacities of less than 1 Nm3/h only.

“Our new electrolyser concept underpins Hydro’s longtime, leading role in the development of renewable energy solutions and hydrogen electrolysers in particular,” says Knut Harg, head of Hydro’s hydrogen activities.

Within fractions of a second, the electrolyser can switch from 5 to 100 percent utilization.

“This unmatched capacity range makes Inergon® the perfect choice for generator cooling applications in power stations, but also opens up for usage in renewable source applications like wind and fuelling stations, where input power, or gas output requirements vary a lot,” says Knut Harg.

The generator produces high-purity hydrogen at an outlet pressure of 30 bar g without a compressor, reducing complexity, and thereby cost, to an absolute minimum. The unit is designed to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance and repairs. Its safe design allows for placing the unit anywhere.

New features inside the cell stack ensure low and sustainable ohmic resistance. This reduces excess heat to a minimum and achieves a new level of energy efficiency for this kind of plant. Inergon® can be operated in a standalone configuration, either in manual or automatic mode.

  • PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology, as opposed to traditional alkaline technology, uses a solid material as electrolyte. This means that there is no lye in the system, just pure water. PEM is considered the safest and most efficient technology for producing hydrogen from water.


For more information about the Inergon® electrolyser,
please download the attached PDF folder:

The Inergon® PEM electrolyser (PDF 4.3MB)