Statoil most popular

November 16, 2006, 10:00 CET

Statoil is the employer of choice for young engineers in Norway for the fifth year running. Young economists would also like to work for Statoil.

Of all interviewed engineers, 38.2% of those aged 25-40 would first and foremost prefer to work for Statoil, while 28.2% of economists in the same age group put Statoil at the top of their list.

The figures are illustrated in Universum Communications' annual survey of 4,376 young academics with technology, economics and IT education.

"This is brilliant," says Jens R Jenssen, Statoil's executive vice president for corporate human resources.

Mr Jenssen says he is extremely happy that Statoil retains its strong ranking among engineers and economists who have been in work a while.

"We've been the most attractive employer among these student groups for several years," says Mr Jenssen. "Now we've got confirmation that we're pick of the bunch among those with experience too.

"This is inspiring for the recruitment work we're now intensifying. The battle for the best brains has become tougher and we'll work hard to maintain our position."

Mari Dotterud, public affairs manager for the Halten/Nordland area, confirms that Statoil is a popular employer.

"We had 500 applicants for 40 positions and many of them were extremely well-qualified," she says.

"The fact that half of them were international shows that Statoil is an attractive employer."

Eight of the top 10 employers on young engineers' and economists' wish lists are Norwegian. Aker Kvaerner and Hydro follow Statoil and only IT candidates give a non-Norwegian company first place. Among these candidates, Microsoft comes first with 24.5% with Statoil just behind at 23.6%.

"We were in third place among IT candidates three years ago," says Mr Jenssen. "This shows that we've worked purposefully on standing out as an attractive employer."