Situation on Statfjord A is being normalised

May 24, 2008, 18:03 CEST


The southern part of the oil spill is the only area with oil with a certain concentration. The photo shows the oil spill from Statfjord A. Statfjord B in the front. Statfjord A in the middle. Statfjord C at the top. StatoilHydro's vessels controlling the oil spill can be vaguely seen. in the background . (Photo: The Norwegian Coastal Administration)

As soon as the situation allowed, specially trained personnel were sent down the shaft to install a plug on the leaking pipe in order to stop the leak. No more pumping of oil-containing water to sea will be required.

The two people exposed to gas vapour were transported by helicopter to Stavanger, where they were taken care of by medical personnel.

The organisation on the platform is currently preparing to receive the evacuated personnel who will be transported back to Statfjord A this evening. They will be attended to by medical personnel and other types of personnel.

Oil spill response efforts will continue this evening to control the thin oil film observed by the platform.

Production on Statfjord A will probably be shut down for several days.