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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please do not use VPN unless you really need it. High volumes of users on VPN will cause poor performance. Use Office 365 or Terminal server instead. See below for details.

Shortcut to this page: www.equinor.com/collaboration

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How to work from home or outside the office

Do you need Microsoft Authenticator? See the video at the bottom of the page for installation instructions. Your phone number must be registered in SAP for you to be able to install. Offshore personnel can contact their line manager for assistance. You don’t need Equinor equipment to log on. 

Safety first

Information security is very important when working from a remote location. Public Wi-Fi networks must not be used unless you have activated a VPN connection.

Use Office 365 for your regular work

You can access Outlook mail and Skype without any login from your Equinor laptop. If you want to access any Office 365 application, the simplest solution is to go directly to the Microsoft O365 portal on: https://portal.office.com

You can access this portal from any device with a web browser (PC, Mac, etc). You need Microsoft Authenticator installed on your phone to complete the login. This app is recommended for all employees and consultants. See video for how to update it here

Minimise use of VPN

Due to extraordinary circumstances related to the coronavirus, the recommendation is to minimise the use of VPN.  This is to reserve capacity for users who depend on VPN to do their work. You do however need to use VPN if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

To access VPN from an Equinor laptop, open the application Cisco AnyConnect, select your nearest location and use Microsoft Authenticator to log in (see video here). Safenet MobilePass app or token can also be used for login.

Update: If you have issues with connecting to "Stavanger VPN", try the option "Stavanger 2 VPN".

Do not access social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) when you are connected to VPN as this takes up capacity.

Use Terminal server for Equinor applications

You can access the Terminal Server from any web browser if you need to access an Equinor application (SAP, Insight, ARIS, F- & G-drive, etc.). 


You need Microsoft Authenticator to complete the login (or Safenet MobilePass or token). Please be aware that you cannot save or print to any local devices with this solution. When finished, please log off correctly so that your licence becomes available for other users.

Use Teams for your meetings

Use the Teams application when you invite to meetings. It’s similar to Skype but has the benefit of being a fully cloud-based solution, making Teams meetings more stable than Skype. Please note that Teams does NOT work in meeting rooms. Participants should therefore take part using their laptop. Don't use VPN when you are having Teams meetings as this leads to poor performance, just use a regular Office 365 connection.

See this video to get started. Notice that you can create a Teams meeting directly from Outlook (see button next to where you create Skype meetings). See Microsoft's end user videos for more tips.

Skype can still be used, but you may experience performance issues due to high traffic. Make it a habit to close your video stream when you attend meetings to free up capacity.

For further guidance, see this video for using Equinor’s meeting tools and the meeting tool tips page. More tips for having efficient meetings are available from the Better Meetings portal.

Using Teams for meetings—some important tips

If you need to delegate your responsibilities in SAP

You may delegate tasks in SAP for a limited period by establishing a task manager substitute.

Additional information

  • The quality of your connection depends upon your bandwidth provided at your location
  • You may experience poor performance if high volumes of users are connected remotely at the same time
  • Equinor’s IT policy does not support handing out equipment for use in homes
  • During periods of much illness, it is recommended to bring your laptop and charger home after work
  • "Equinor Apps" is useful to download extra mobile apps for your work
  • It is a good idea to run a test from home to verify that you are able to connect
  • Contact the service desk (+47 51 99 92 22) if you have additional questions or experience any issues. For general questions, it is recommended to try the chatbot on Services@Equinor

Microsoft Authenticator and VPN: instructional videos 

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