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We have been operating safely in Australia since 2013 as part of our global exploration strategy. We are currently operator for 2 exploration permits in the Great Australian Bight. 

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Statoil entered the Great Australian Bight as a partner with BP in four offshore exploration permits. In June 2017 Statoil became operator and 100% equity owner in two of these exploration permits, EPP39 and EPP40. The two licences comprise approximately 12,000 square kilometres of acreage and it is a condition of EPP39 that one exploration well is drilled before the end of permit year three. Statoil will take the necessary time to prepare for safe operations, in consultation with relevant stakeholders and under regulatory oversight.

Read more about our exploration project in the Great Australian Bight further down.

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Statoil’s exploration project in the Great Australian Bight

Image of coast in Bight, Australia

In June 2017 Statoil became operator and 100% equity interest holder in exploration permits EPP39 and EPP40. The licences comprise approximately 12,000 square kilometres of acreage and offer a high-impact exploration opportunity in a frontier setting. 

EPP39 includes the Stromlo-1 prospect, a well candidate with high impact potential, while EPP40 represents upside exploration potential.

In accordance with the conditions of the exploration permit, Statoil will drill one well within October 2019. We are now preparing for safe operations, in consultation with relevant stakeholders and under National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority's (NOPSEMA) regulatory oversight. 

As the world’s leading deep-water operator, we will use our 40 years of experience in successfully operating alongside other maritime industries in the harsh offshore environment of Norway.  

Vice president for Exploration Pål Haremo about the opportunity in the Great Australian Bight.

Country manager for Australia Jacques-Etienne Michel about Statoil as a responsible operator.

Onshore programme completed

In 2012 Statoil acquired an interest in the four exploration permits 103, 104, 127 and 128 in the South Georgina Basin in the Northern Territory (NT) through a joint venture project with PetroFrontier Corp. In 2013 Statoil became the operator of the project and carried out an exploration programme which involved a 2D seismic survey, drilling five wells and rehabilitating eight well sites. Based on our analysis of the seismic and well data collected, we decided to withdraw from further exploration activities in the licence area

We worked in close cooperation with the landholders throughout the project, and consulted with the Central Land Council to ensure our operations were consistent with the directions of the traditional owners. All of the well sites have been fully rehabilitated in accordance with the environmental management plans approved by the NT Department of Mines and Energy.

The Statoil way

Norwegian mountains and fjords in winter sunset picture

The way we work is as important as the goals we achieve. We believe that competitive returns for our shareholders are best achieved through a values-based performance culture, stringent ethical requirements and a code of conduct which promotes personal integrity.

We set absolute requirements for health, safety and the environment (HSE). We aim to meet the demand for energy which is necessary for further economic and social development, while showing consideration for the environment and making an active effort to fight global climate change.

Safe and efficient operations are our first priority. We have won great renown for our technical safety monitoring system and our safe behaviour programme. We are convinced that all accidents can be avoided, and our goal is always to achieve zero personal injuries. We emphasise continuous work for an improved HSE performance in all our activities.

We focus on contributing to sustainable development via our core activities in the countries in which we operate. We are committed to openness and anti-corruption work, and to respect for human rights and employee rights. That applies both to our own activities and to those parts of the value chain over which we have significant influence.