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Employee on the Gudrun platform.
Employee on the Gudrun platform.
Photo: Helga Hovland

Gudrun is developed with a traditional steel platform resting on the seabed. The platform have capacity for partial treatment of oil and gas, before the hydrocarbons are sent via pipeline to Sleipner.

The Gudrun field (operator Equinor) holds about 184 million barrels of oil equivalent. This is a high pressure, high temperature reservoir that requires special technology. Equinor is actively using experience and technology gained from the Kvitebjørn and Kristin developments.

Oil and gas is transported from the Gudrun field to the Sleipner A platform. The gas is transported onward to the gas markets from Sleipner A. The oil is routed together with the Sleipner condensate to Kårstø for shipping.

Gudrun was first proven in 1975.

Location: In the middle of the North Sea in licence area PL025, about 55 kilometres north of the Sleipner installations.
Production start: 7 April 2014
Production: Oil and gas

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