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Equinor Ventures

Men in office
Equinor CEO Anders Opedal meeting with the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator class of 2022 at the Fornebu office. Here with Erik Osherow from Seadeep.
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland
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Equinor Ventures invests in and supports innovative companies to shape the future of energy

Equinor Ventures is Equinor's corporate venture capital arm dedicated to investing in ambitious early-phase and growth companies. We believe that the innovation, creativity and agility of startups can drive change towards a low-carbon future.

We can provide venture capital and project-based funding of early-phase ideas. All this is supported by technical, market and financial guidance, with a strong drive for piloting and implementing the solutions.

Our current portfolio is primarily in Europe and North America, but we’re open to opportunities globally. We are looking to invest around USD 750 million over the next five years and are seeking to allocate 70% of the capital to renewables, low-carbon solutions and future opportunities.

Equinor Ventures investments

Equity funding

Equinor Ventures is an active corporate venture partner dedicated to investing in and supporting enthusiastic entrepreneurs build great technology companies. We invest in strong and ambitious companies that help us enhanceexpand or explore.

Early-phase funding

The early-phase funding toolbox provides funding for projects and/or companies in an early phase such that working hypotheses may be tested and verified.

  • Prize money to promising startup participating in accelerators where Equinor is a strategic partner.
  • Pilot funding of a test pilot on technology developed by a startup for an Equinor (or external) customer.
  • Convertible loans to fund technology development for a startup, with a clear route to equity investment.

Funds and accelerators

Equinor Ventures is investing in several funds and is also engaged in startup accelerators. Best known is the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator which is a yearly global programme.

Problems to solve

Equinor showcases a number of problems to be solved by connecting with start-ups and wider innovation ecosystems.

If you have relevant ideas and solutions, we would love to hear from you.

Our pillars of engagement


Improve our operations


Test future growth legs


Learn from high-impact solutions

How we can support a company


Equinor Ventures is looking to deploy around 750 MUSD over five years. We normally take a minority equity share and our investments can range from under 1 million USD to over 70 million USD depending on the phase and size of the project.

Governance systems

Operating a company in a world with increasing requirements when it comes to handling ESG, trade control, sanctions is complex. We can support you in the manoeuvreing.

Strong team

We will back and coach management teams who have the drive to build successful world-class companies, have entrepreneurial experience and are committed.

Implementation value

We will aim at implementing the technology in Equinor’s value chain to either strengthen the current business, through improving revenue, cost and/or HSE.

Business build

We will assess if the solutions can contribute to grow current or new business segments for Equinor, and thus create mutual benefit for both parties. Together we can create a scalable business model with markets that are large enough to allow the portfolio company to create a competitive advantage and grow quickly to a significant size.

How to contact Equinor Ventures

Important note: Please be advised that Equinor conducts research and development on a broad scale. To avoid any risk of confusion over ownership, please do not send any confidential information or trade secrets to Equinor. Share only non-confidential information which focuses on high-level descriptions.