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In 2022, we turned 50.

So we think that a thank you is in order. And it’s also worth reminding that the year 2050 is a far more important “50” number.

In 2022 Equinor celebrated 50 years since the establishment of the Norwegian State Oil Company, Statoil. Without forward-looking politicians who made the decision at the time, and the efforts of countless individuals, companies and local communities across Norway in the years since, we would not have gotten to where we are today.

That's why we want to say thank you. And an extra big thank you to those who help keep the wheels turning, day after day. A thank you to the natural resources and the unique geology on the Norwegian continental shelf is probably also in order. Without those conditions, there wouldn’t have been an Equinor, either.

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A platform at sea is like a small town. It must be operated 24/7 and needs support from the surrounding community to manage it. From the supply ship that delivers fuel, food and equipment to the nursery school that makes everyday life easier for those waiting on shore. From the bakery that delivers cakes when we have something to celebrate to the factory that produces turbine blades for the wind farmwe’re building offshore. Not to mention all the partners with whom we operate the various platforms and fields.

From Gulen, image of Karl Eklöf (Siemens Gamesa),  Ståle Justvik (Aker Solutions), Viljar Stensaker Stave, Equinor
Gulen, Norway. From the left: Karl Eklöf (Siemens Gamesa) , Ståle Justvik (Aker Solutions), Viljar Stensaker Stave, Equinor
Photo: Einar Aslaksen

Our business depends on so many – and for the first time, we now also know how many. Bodø Science Park has analyzed Equinor’s suppliers and all purchases of services and goods for self-operated fields and facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf and the mainland. The figures show for the first time the extent and value of the ripple effects that our operations create in this country.

The analysis shows that 1,800 Norwegian suppliers and subcontractors supplied us with goods and services worth over NOK 70 billion last year. Measured in terms of work effort, 58,860 person-years were delivered to our fields and facilities during the year. In total, goods and services worth almost NOK 235 billion were delivered from 2019 to 2021, and Norwegian companies account for 90% of these deliveries.

Together, we are many who create value. And together, we are many who can contribute to solving the biggest challenges the world is facing.

Equinor’s ambition is to continue supplying society with energy with lower emissions over time and reach net-zero by 2050. We are in the middle of an energy transition on the Norwegian continental shelf. The power that made tiny Norway an important energy nation is the same power that will contribute to the global energy transition. In the next 50 years, the North Sea will not only be important for Europe’s energy needs but also contribute to the world’s climate goals.

During our anniversary year, we’re celebrating what has happened. For 50 years, we have built industry and values ​​together, driven forward by people, ideas and technology. But we also have to look ahead. Together with our suppliers, subcontractors, partners and other supporters, we will continue to keep the wheels turning.

Together, we will develop new energy and new industries.

Together, we will create new values ​​for Norway and the local communities that support us.

Together, we will reach the climate goals.

Thank you for the first 50 years. The clock is ticking towards 2050.

This is one of many stories from our first 50 years. It is also part of the story of how we will succeed with the energy transition.

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